Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My GREAT weekend!

Hello, hello! SO i got a little cabin fever Saturday and decided to head up to the Catskills for the weekend-it was fantastic! I wish I could live up there all the time it's so nice. I stayed with Aunt Daina and Uncle Mike and of course came home with loads of fresh veggies!! Monroe met his cousin Scooby for the first time and  all went well there except for one little incident with Scooby's squeaky but I think they're going to be friends. Speaking of friends I didn't attend the neighbor's fish fry- I just had to get outta here- hope they don't mind- However I did make some new friends here in the neighborhood thanks to a bird feeder and some peanuts.
I'll call him Sam the Squirrel. He (or someone who looks just like him) comes every single morning now to see what treats my be left out on the patio haha.  Anyway, back to this weekend I had so much fun! on Sunday we went to eat at Bubba's bbq. their slogan was "Put the South in your Mouth" which seemed kinda nasty to me but my mind's always in the gutter. The restaurant was great! they had a nice big veggie burger for me and obviously bbq for Uncle Mike and Aunt Daina. Mike said the bbq wasn't very good but ya'll the view was GREAT. Bubba's overlooked Lake White and it was so a gorgeous day we ate out on the deck- they also had a bar downstairs that went out onto a sandy little beach on the lake- I bet that place is awesome on a Saturday night we're gonna go back one night once Justin is here- I don't wanna have all my fun without him!
after that I went and bought an awesome tye dyed t-shirt and we went to a couple outdoor flea markets- I saw a couple things I liked, like a 35 dollar set of salt and pepper shakers (35 DOLLARS are they crazy??), but in the end didn't purchase anything.  Later that night Aunt Daina made a delicious!! cream of broccoli soup.  I was supposed to leave Sunday but was having so much fun I decided to stay one more day. Monday we decided to do some shopping which was kinda a bust since practically everything was closed I did find my swimming pool for next summer though...
there are a bunch of little swimming holes around all at the bottom of waterfalls- except for one that's at the top of a waterfall but it's for swimming nude haha.  but alas I had to come home. I'll be back next weekend though because Grahamsville is having their annual Littlest World's Fair!!!! http://www.grahamsvillefair.com
that should be fun I think there will be a lot of livestock and I love livestock! Also Fair foods and shopping both of which I enjoy! Well I'm going to make my famous Tofu marinade if ya'll are lucky I MIGHT give you the recipe...if you're lucky

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