Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm HERE!!

Hi Friends and Familia! I figured since I was so far away and since it's what the cool kids are doing I'd start a right? I have officially started my New York Adventure and so far it's been pretty freakin cool. I have a little routine everyday I wake up, make my bed, walk Monroe, eat a yummy breakfast of yogurt and fresh blueberries (thanks Aunt Daina and Uncle Mike) then do my showering and what not. Monroe LOVES his walks he thinks we should go every time I stand up whether he actually has to go or not. The weather here is so incredible- I wish I could bottle it up and send it to you guys back in Ga. Life without cable has been interesting I  have read two books and spend quite a lot of time cooking and cleaning- huh who knew not having tv would make a productive human being out of me?  I met my downstairs neighbors and in true Heather fashion forgot their names. My nameless neighbors invited me to a fish fry Saturday I gladly accepted and look forward to having some company...I didn't mention the whole not eating animals thing but I guess it's gonna come up soon.  I want to go up to the Catskills next weekend before all the school craziness starts. They put up a week of welcome calendar and have all these ridiculous "events"  marked as mandatory. One of them even say "for your entertainment" and then has the little Mandatory star by it- what if I don't want to be entertained, what if I find being at home entertaining?...maybe mandatory means something different in NY-let's hope so anyway.  I'll be glad for school to start actually all this time is making me crazy-hence the blog. OHHH yeah I was reading a book and decided I really wanna become an herbalist! but I found out it takes three years so I guess some other time- I am however going to ask Mike and Daina if I could get a little piece of yard for and herb garden next year so I can try out some cosmetic recipes and teas. I've already found some great sights to buy the seeds from and amazing things like facial clays in bulk- so you have that to look forward to next summer you can all be my little test subjects :) well I will update as often as something exciting happens so get ready for that haha
oh and before you all start asking for pics of the apt. Justin took them and was supposed to post them on the Fb so harass him please! love you all <3

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